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Tile and Grout Cleaners, Darling Downs & Toowoomba

Dirty Grout and Tiles?

Want To Bring Your Grout and Tiles Back To Life?


GroutPro Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Services now have a team in your area of the Darling Downs and Toowoomba.

GroutPro team specialise in tile and grout cleaning, tile anti slip surfaces, grout coloursealing, glass restoration and much more. A tile and grout clean will return your old tiles and grout back to new and you’ll be amazed by the transformation of a Grout Colourseal. We’ll recover your dull bathroom with a full makeover and your shower screens glisten with our glass restoration cleaning.

Terracotta and Slate tiles are not a problem either. We have the tools and specialised cleaners to bring them back to life and restore them to their former glory. GroutPro Specialists are fully trained to identify the types of tiles you have in your home and understand which sealers are required for those tiles. If your grout needs replacing we’ll also guarantee it’s longevity with the application of our Clear ‘Penetrating’ Grout sealer. This is best applied to new grout soon after the grout is laid and ensures stain resistance and long term protection.

Your grout may also need to be coloured to better enhance the beauty of your tiles. Grout ColourSealing will:

  • Make your grout look like new
  • Fraction of the cost of replacing tiles or re-grouting
  • Ensures uniform colour throughout
  • Professional and natural finish
  • Maximum stain protection available!
  • Ease of maintenance & no more scrubbing
  • 89 different colours (or we can custom mix to match)
  • Expected wear of up to 15 years guaranteed
  • Perfect for kitchens, bathroom, showers, laundries and more
  • Most jobs may be completed in a day.

See our Before and After images of all our jobs in our Gallery.Grout ColourSealing by GroutPro

GroutPro also offer services for:

  • Marked or Moulding tiles: clean and restore the grout colour and tile surface.

  • Stained and Damaged or Dirty Grout: full Grout replacement if required or coloursealing and repairs.

  • Discoloured Grout: Grout Coloursealing recolours your grout and seals it against staining and damage.

  • Damaged Tiles: Tile replacement of damaged, cracked or broken tiles.

  • Missing or Damaged Silicone Sealant: remove old and damaged seal and replace it in full if needed.

  • Slippery Tiles: clean and treat with an anti slip surface – ideal for pool and outdoor bbq areas

  • Glass Restoration: remove soap scum and mould to make your bath and shower screens sparkle again

  • Exterior Tile and Grout problems: remove mould, moss and repair outdoor grouting from paths and outdoor areas

  • Epoxy Grouting: this extra strong grouting combines strength and seals against staining

  • Bathroom Makeover : full bathroom tile and grout cleaning, silicone sealant and glass restoration – you won’t believe the transformation.

  • Kitchen Makeover : full kitchen tile and grout cleaning, silicone sealant, splashback and kickboards.

We can help you to achieve the look you want and offer you an Obligation Free Quote.

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