Tile, Grout & Stone Sealing

Tile and Grout and Stone Sealing



Grout Clear Seal – Stain Resistance & Durability


‘Penetrating’ Grout Clear Seal is best applied to new grout soon after installation of ALL new grout. This ensures stain resistance and protection right from the beginning ‘BEFORE’ it has the chance to get stained!

GroutPro Tile and Grout Specialists use high quality, professional penetrating sealer designed to soak deep into the grout to protect it from future discolouration and staining. Once completed GroutPro clear sealer will prolong the life of your grout and provide ongoing stain resistance against most contaminants for up to 5 years. For older grout that has already become stained and dirty we recommend our revolutionary GroutPro Professional Colourseal Service.

Tile Clear Sealer

GroutPro Specialists are fully trained in identification of all tiles and knowing what sealers are required for what tiles. Contact your local GroutPro Tile and Grout Specialist now for a FREE inspection and quote.

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