Glass Restoration FAQ’s

How Can We Help with Your Glass Restoration?

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Why does my shower glass get stained?

Over time the mineral deposits in the water create water spots and stains, if left un-cleaned they can quickly become an eyesore and start to damage the surface and structure of the glass. If left too long the damage will become un-repairable and you will need to purchase new glass.

How does GroutPro restore my glass to a new look?

We use our own branded products in a 2 stage process, firstly using our non abrasive eco-friendly restorer chemical to clean the dirt and mineral deposits “out of the pores” of the glass. Once clean we apply GroutPro glass protector to seal the surface of the glass to repel the water and dirt.

How long does the protective coating last?

We do not use a permanent coating, our professional glass protector should last between 3 – 6 months per application under normal shower use. Ask your GroutPro specialist to provide you with a bottle of GroutPro galss protector – or ask them to come back every few months for a maintenance clean and re-application.

How should I clean my shower once it has been restored?

Avoid acid based cleaners if possible, sometimes they can actually do more harm than good in as some can etch your surfaces, permanently damaging them, not to mention the extreme care needed when using these harmful chemicals. Also after the last person showers for the day, using a squeegee or micro-fibre cloth, wipe all water drops from your glass, this will help to prevent hard water staining re-appearing.

How long does it take and how much does it cost?

This depends upon how bad the staining is, If your GroutPro specialist is on site it can usually be completed in anywhere between 1 or 2 hours and costs range from under $100 for a small shower up to $250 for a badly stained large shower with 3 glass sections – ask your GroutPro specialist for an individual quote.