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Regrouting With GroutPro!

Regrouting with the experts

Walking around your house and noticing the tiles don’t shine as they used to? Well, maybe it’s time to call the regrouting specialists and restore your tiles to their former glory!

We can all understand that life gets busy and most of the time the tiles in our home are the last thing we want to think about. But that’s where the team at GroutPro come in. We think about tiles all day every day and we’d be happy to take on yours.

Regrouting your tiles is a much better (cheaper) alternative to completely re-tiling your space.

Want to give it a try yourself? Here are some tips from the experts!

Tip 1:

Make sure you get down to your local hardware store and find yourself an ‘oscillating tool’ you’ll notice these come with a specific blade that is desgined for regrouting.

Once you get home and are ready to go, run the blade along the grout joints. Try not to rush, slow is best in this case.

Tip 2:

Get the vaccum out! Once you have gone through and removed the grout between the tiles pick up the vacuum and go over the space.

Tip 3:

Get your grout out and mix.

You can buy grout either as a powder or as a premixed semi – liquid paste, either is fine!

Tip 4:

Once you have gone through and regrouted our tiles, find a slightly damp sponge and wipe over your area.

Tip 5:

Once the area has completely dried, a haze will be over the area, use a cloth to buff the surface.


If you don’t have the time or simply don’t trust yourself enough to regrout your tiles yourself, call the experts today!

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