COVID-19 Precautions by GroutPro Specialists

All GroutPro Specialists Australia Wide are fully aware of their obligations to prevent the virus spreading. Our Specialists will all perform a periodic self-assessment of their own condition and will not attend your home or workplace if feeling unwell or think they may have had contact with an infected person. If one of our Specialists attends your location you can be assured they have taken all precautions specified by Federal and State governments.

We take the health and wellbeing of our customers and community very seriously and are here to help keep your environment safe. Our Sanitisation and Hygiene Cleaning processes are extremely effective in removal of Pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. We recommend use of our Hygiene Deep Cleaning services in bathrooms, kitchens and any other hard surface you have concerns about. The Sanitizing solution used by all our Specialists is a hospital grade sanitiser approved for use in hospitals and other medical facilities. Talk to our Specialists about Sanitising your home and workplace.


Why Is My Grout So Dirty? Call GroutPro, the Brisbane Grout Cleaning Professionals Who Also Serve Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast

Have you looked at your kitchen and bathroom lately? The tile and grout are discoloured and it makes your home look 20 years older. How did the grout get so dirty? To restore your tile and grout to its original appearance, call GroutPro, Australia’s largest provider of grout cleaning in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and every other major regional centre in the nation. If you want to improve the look of your floors and walls, call us for prompt, friendly, professional service. You will not be disappointed.

Why Grout Gets So Dirty

as you know, grout is applied between tiles on a kitchen or bathroom floor or even on a wall. The grout fills the spaces between the tiles. The material itself is very rough and porous. As a result of being porous, grout will allow dirt to adhere to it very easily. Liquids can penetrate deep into the grout and the results can cause it to look discoloured.

One of the biggest causes of this discolouration is homeowners’ attempts at cleaning grout on their own. Mopping a floor can actually make grout dirtier, not cleaner. Mop water will spread dirt from the tile into the grout. Because the liquid penetrates into the grout, these attempts to clean floors and walls can be frustrating as tile and grout still look dirty even after a thorough scrubbing.

Call GroutPro for Quality Grout Cleaning in Your Sunshine Coast Home

At GroutPro, our goal is to provide our customers with tiles and grout that look brand new. We are not your typical tile and grout cleaners. Our team of professionals specialise in the cleaning, repairing, and maintaining of tile, grout, and natural stone surfaces. We use only the highest-quality, premium-grade products to clean your dirty grout and tile. Our cleaning process will penetrate deeply into the pores of your surfaces and lift out the dirt. The result is a bathroom or kitchen surface that will make any homeowner proud. Our professionals have the ability to restore tile, grout, and stone to its original beauty.

We take the hard work out of grout cleaning in your Gold Coast home providing you with floors and walls that look new. We can help you transform your home by providing you with Coloursealing. Homeowners throughout Australia are using this method as a means of giving a home a makeover. Coloursealing gives walls and floors a completely new look by changing their colour. Grout Coloursealing can be included to change the colour of the grout to suit a home’s décor better. Customers who choose the service end up with surfaces that look brand new and are sealed to give years of clean, strong grouting.

The next time your grout and tile appear dirty call GroutPro directly for a free quote on Brisbane grout cleaning. You can also fill out the online contact form on our website for a free quote. Call us on 1800 822 459 for more information. Our call centre is available 24 hours each day, seven days per week.