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Tile and Grout Cleaning Inner West Sydney

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Jalal El Ali

GroutPro Marrickville

Inner-city living and the rising property values in Sydney lead property and homeowners to look at upgrading their properties for higher rent returns or better sale prices. Many talk to builders, home renovators, painters and garden landscape companies to do a complete transformation of their property by the  Tile and Grout Cleaning Inner West Sydney specialists.

Many also turn to Tile and Grout Cleaning Inner West Sydney Specialists for help and advice on resurrecting their ageing bathrooms, kitchen, floor and pathway tiles. Jalal and his GroutPro team in Marrickville will gladly assist. They’ll visit your home or property to assess your needs and offer an Obligation FREE Quote. Jalal will give his help and advice on the right solutions for your tile and grout issues and even book your service there and then if you wish.

The Marrickville team offer the full range of GroutPro services including tile and grout cleaning, grout colour sealing, glass restoration, stone, slate and terracotta cleaning and much more. All of our services will leave your tiles and grout looking like new again – a home renovators dream. With the unique GroutPro cleaning products on hand at every job, Jalal will also take you through the steps of cleaning and maintaining your tiles and grout once his job is done.

before and after kitchen floor grout recolouringSo don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll need to trash your bathroom or kitchen tiles – they can be resurrected. Our Gallery of before and after images from real GroutPro jobs show just how effective our treatments are. Bathroom and Kitchen Makeovers are increasingly popular with homeowners and rental owners alike as they see the benefits and cost savings in refurbishing your current tiles far outweigh the cost to replace them. With services such as our unique grout colour sealing you too will be amazed at the difference, it makes to an entire room.

Glass restoration is also a very popular service for older properties where shower screens and windows are showing signs of years of dust, mould and soap scum. Our GroutPro treatments cut through the soap scum and leave your glass clean and sparkling. So if you’re thinking of maintenance or refurbishment, or you just want your home to shine again, call Jalal and his team at Marrickville Sydney.

If you’re looking for Tile and Grout Cleaning Inner West Sydney, please feel free to fill out the Quick Quote form to the right and a GroutPro Tile and Grout Specialist will get back to you within 24hrs. We offer a no-obligation FREE quote for all jobs.

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