GroutPro Homecare Bundle

GroutPro Homecare Bundle

$49.50 Including GST

GroutPro Homecare Bundle

1x ProKleen 500ml

1x Citrus Eco-Kleen 500ml

1x Pro-Gleam 500ml

1x All purpose brush 

1x Microfibre

GroutPro Homecare Bundle

1x ProKleen

1x Citrus Eco-Kleen

1x Pro-Gleam

1x Multi- purpose brush 

1x Microfibre


It is the perfect starter pack for household cleaning. This combination of essential cleaning supplies will remove dirt, grime and disinfects, while being biodegradable!

ProKleen Our multi-purpose cleaner! Suitable for use on floors, walls, glass, metals and more. It can even be used as a daily dishwashing detergent!

Citrus Eco-KleenA disinfectant multi-purpose spray, perfect for use on any surface in the home. Immediately leaves a refreshing and clean citrus scent along side a sparkling clean.

Pro-Gleam – Highly advanced cleaner designed specifically for use on glass, mirrors, chrome and stainless steel. Removes grime and dirt, while leaving a streak free finish.

The all purpose brush is excellent for ‘hard to reach’ spots while cleaning.

Our GroutPro microfibre is used for finishing touches after using all GroutPro products!

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Weight 1.7 kg

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