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Silicone Finishing Fluid-A

Silicone Finishing Fluid-A

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GroutPro Silicone Finishing Fluid –  500ml trigger spray

For acetic cure silicone finishing


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Silicone Finishing Fluid-A for acetic cure silicone finishing. Not to be used with Neutral Cure silicones or on Marble or Natural Stone products. Used to aid the professional application of silicone sealers.


First remove all grout, sealant or other residues from joint area. Sweep or vacuum joint to remove any loose dirt. Wipe over with cloth dipped in isopropanol alcohol to remove final dust from surface. For maximum adhesion surface must be clean, dry and sound.

Fill joint with silicone sealant . Spray a light mist of Finishing Fluid over the silicone leaving the last 2cm free. This allows the next section of silicone to adhere to the last.
Use Applicator, frequently dipped in Finishing Fluid, to remove excess silicone and form a smooth neat joint without the need for masking tape. For the final touch-up use your finger, dipped in Finishing Fluid, to lightly smooth over the joint for that professional looking finish


Swallowed: If product is swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. Rinse mouth repeatedly with water and give some water to drink. Seek medical attention if symptoms develop. Eye: Immediately flush with warm running water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical attention. Skin: Wash skin with soap and water. Ifirritation persists seek medical attention.Inhalation: If inhaled and irritation occurs and becomes painful, seek medical attention.

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Statement of Hazardous Nature

This product is classified as: Xi, Irritating. Hazardous according to the criteria of SWA.
Not a Dangerous Good according to Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG) Code, IATA or IMDG/IMSBC criteria.
SUSMP Classification: None allocated.
ADG Classification: None allocated. Not a Dangerous Good according to Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG)
Code, IATA or IMDG/IMSBC criteria.
UN Number: None allocated


Anionic Surfactants <10%

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 25 cm

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