COVID-19 Precautions by GroutPro Specialists

All GroutPro Specialists Australia Wide are fully aware of their obligations to prevent the virus spreading. Our Specialists will all perform a periodic self-assessment of their own condition and will not attend your home or workplace if feeling unwell or think they may have had contact with an infected person. If one of our Specialists attends your location you can be assured they have taken all precautions specified by Federal and State governments.

We take the health and wellbeing of our customers and community very seriously and are here to help keep your environment safe. Our Sanitisation and Hygiene Cleaning processes are extremely effective in removal of Pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. We recommend use of our Hygiene Deep Cleaning services in bathrooms, kitchens and any other hard surface you have concerns about. The Sanitizing solution used by all our Specialists is a hospital grade sanitiser approved for use in hospitals and other medical facilities. Talk to our Specialists about Sanitising your home and workplace.


ColourSeal Guarantee Terms and Conditions

gp-badge-115 Year ColourSeal Guarantee

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The GroutPro Franchisee that provided the service guarantees that they will re-colour or reseal any or all areas of the original grout that yellows, fades, chips, cracks or absorbs dirt, mould or mildew through the outer surface of the ColourSeal for a period of 15 years from the date of the original application, subject to the following terms and conditions:
Precautions to ensure your guarantee can be upheld. Failure to comply will void you Guarantee
(see the GroutPro ColourSeal Maintenance Procedure for further detail):

1. Never use any abrasive, acid, solvent, alcohol, petroleum based or high alkaline products on GroutPro ColourSeal.
2. Only GroutPro Pro-Kleen and Citrus Eco-Kleen pH neutral maintenance cleaners should be used on GroutPro ColourSeal.
3. Initial and ongoing maintenance cleaning must be carried out as detailed in the GroutPro ColourSeal Maintenance Procedure provided by the Franchisee.

Prior to making a claim, the client must make all reasonable efforts to remove any staining using GroutPro Pro-Kleen and following the procedures as outlined in the GroutPro ColourSeal Maintenance Procedure. To make a claim, contact the GroutPro Specialist named on this guarantee and they will return to the original job location free of charge to inspect, and they will rectify any failed part of the original installation if it is deemed that the failure has been caused by a product or an application failure.

If it is determined that there has been no product or application failure and the claim is therefore invalid, the inspection will be free of charge, however any further call out relating to the invalid claim will incur a call out fee.

This determination will be at the discretion of the individual franchise business that performed the work. Rectification of the problem leading to the invalid claim will be charged at the discretion of the franchisee. This guarantee is non-transferable and is applicable only to the original client.

This guarantee does not cover:

Degradation caused by failure to follow the GroutPro ColourSeal Maintenance Procedure, mechanical abrasion, penetration, or other interference.

Shower Bases, Wet Room floors, Exterior Application & any application area where there is likely to be water pooling or ColourSeal submersion can occur.

The effects of mould, mildew or moisture developing underneath tiles, grout or substrate and appearing underneath the ColourSeal coating.*
* In areas where there is or could be a high instance of mould and mildew, your GroutPro specialist will treat the area prior to application of the ColourSeal to avoid future growth. The treatment is very effective on surfaces it contacts, however while efforts will be made, inaccessible surfaces can not be fully treated where contact can not be ensured, therefore your Specialist can not guarantee against re-growth and re-emergence of mould or mildew.

All GroutPro Specialists are independent franchisees owning and operating their own businesses. This guarantee is provided by the franchise business that performed the work so responsibility for rectification on valid claims remains with the individual business. No liability will be accepted by GroutPro Australia Pty Ltd on any aspect of the Franchisee Guarantee. GroutPro Australia Pty Ltd provides a product warranty to the franchisee and will provide replacement product to the franchisee to support valid claims at its discretion.

For re-supply of GroutPro’s range of professional maintenance products, please contact you local GroutPro Specialist, visit or call 1800 822 459