GroutPro’s Tile and Grout Cleaning Brings New Life to Old, Damaged Floors in Adelaide and All of SA

Living in an old home is an experience that many people love, and homes with history can be quite sought after in the real estate market. A home that has character and a sense of place, though, also probably has some problems you’d like to remedy. If the old house you’ve moved into or are living in contains tile flooring, even if it is limited to one room such as the bathroom, chances are it’s not the cleanest! It certainly won’t look brand new anymore. When Adelaide homeowners need tile and grout cleaning due to years of built up grime, call GroutPro, the tile specialists.

From dirty grout to damaged tile, we do it all, and because we solely focus on tile, there’s no need for us ever to call other trades in to finish a job. If we find a damaged tile while cleaning, we can replace it right away. We’re even equipped to clean and repair kitchen splashbacks. As specialists, we are constantly doing research to refine and enhance the methods we use with our heavy-duty cleaning equipment and products. When you need to breathe new life into old tiling, GroutPro is the company for you.

Consider the benefits of tile cleaning in your Adelaide home

In some Adelaide homes, tile cleaning is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. When your old floors are showing their age, especially if you are struggling with hard water stains, rust, or mildew, scrubbing with mild detergents and warm water won’t get the job done. GroutPro team members utilise their skill and experience from tile cleaning around SA to assess each situation separately for accurate quotes. Once hired to do the cleanup, our process will restore the original appearance of your tile. If we cannot achieve a clean we feel is acceptable, we will suggest our Colourseal system to recolour and preserve the grout around your tiles. In addition to looking fantastic, tile cleaning in your Adelaide home has other benefits, too!

  • It saves you money! Avoid costly replacements by taking advantage of our repairs and cleaning. We’ll take care to ensure any repairs blend seamlessly with existing tile.
  • Easier cleaning in the future! Once we’re done, your tile will require less maintenance – but we’ll tell you what to do to maintain that sheen, too.
  • Change the look! ColourSealing allows you to change the look of your floor or splashback with ease while affording guaranteed years of protection.

Give GroutPro’s specialists a call today

We strive to offer superior service that will leave you happy and satisfied with the results. We offer the best guarantees possible, including 14 years on ColourSeal and ten years on our penetrating grout seal. Get a longer life out of those old floors before they need replacing. Make your old home beautiful on the inside with GroutPro’s exceptional cleaning abilities by your side. To request a free quote, just use the form on our website or call us 24/7 on 1800 822 459!