What Kind of Tile and Grout Cleaning in Balcatta is Right for You?

You know that your tile and grout needs restoring when you see chipping, cracking, mould or grime. GroutPro, a high-quality tile and grout cleaning service in Balcatta, can help you out. We offer so many excellent services; you may be wondering how to pick what is best for you.

If the grout around your kitchen or bathroom floor tiles is dark and dirty, an ideal option for you is grout ColourSeal. Grout ColourSeal has countless benefits. There are 89 colours available, but if none of them match, GroutPro will mix a custom colour to match your grout. After less than one day of work, we will have the grout refreshed for up to 15 years.

Another terrific choice among our many quality tile and grout cleaning services in Balcatta is damaged tile repairs. We can prevent cracked, discoloured or otherwise damaged tiles ruining your bathroom or kitchen by restoring them efficiently. With GroutPro’s damaged tile repair, you are spending a fraction of re-tiling costs and still getting high quality and long-lasting results.

You also may want to consider grout and tile clear sealer, for stain-resistant floors, showers, sinks and more. This treatment can protect your tile and grout for up to five years. GroutPro specialists are very well-informed about different types of tile and what kind of sealer you should be using to make sure your tile and grout stay protected.

Leave it to GroutPro, your tile and grout cleaning service in Balcatta, to improve the look of tile and grout anywhere in your home.