Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth Residents Experienced the Shine of Quality Tile Repairs

When was the last time you felt truly proud to invite guests over and were not worried about the grime and dirt on the tiles and grout? It’s time to put the grubbiness and ugliness behind you – with GroutPro you can finally end your embarrassment caused by the tired looking grout and tile work in your home. For almost four years, GroutPro has been providing superior quality tile repairs in Brisbane and the surrounding areas.

Our services include tile repairs, grout cleaning, silicone sealing and creative grout re-colouring to create a new and trendy look. We also handle glass restoration and can re-grout your counters, bath and floors for a shine that is unbeatable and that last for years.

As the largest service provider in Australia in the tile and grout cleaning industry, we are proud to offer highly skilled professionals to service your grout and tile needs. Our goal remains to offer consistently reliable and economical services to rectify any problems you have with grimy, damaged or discoloured tile, stone and grout. With 56 locations and hundreds of qualified tradesmen at your beck and call, we have someone close by your locale to get your tile repairs in the Gold Coast handled quickly.

Use a Professional for Tile Repairs in Melbourne and Impress Your Gold Coast Neighbours

When it comes to your home, why settle for sub-par products and materials? The products we use are all of professional grade, and our services are guaranteed to last the test of time. We guarantee our work in Perth and the surrounding suburbs and have friendly staff members available 24/7 for you. You may also reach out to us online for a free quote. We make it easy to get the grime out of your life and off your tiled floors, counters, and bathrooms.

Use Clear Sealer and Spend Years Enjoying your Clean Tiles and Grout

After you have experienced our tile repair in Perth and Melbourne, why not add clear sealant to keep the grout its cleanest? We offer a sealant that is transparent and blends with any coloured tile or grout. This liquid is designed to provide years of protection against stains. We suggest that you have the sealant applied soon after the cleaning of tiles and grout, so we can handle that for you in the same appointment. You can choose to add a sealant to the tiles or the grout, or choose one that works with both. Our staff can help you to select the appropriate sealant for your tile repairs and grout cleaning and ensure you get the desired results.

These optional services are offered as a way to seal the grout after cleaning and ensure that future cleaning of the area is a breeze. Tile sealant prolongs the freshly cleaned look and adds years of life to older tiles and grout in Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast and Brisbane and surrounding regional areas.

Step into an age of sparkling tiles and grout with GroutPro. Call us today on 1800 822 459 – our call centre is open 24/7 for your convenience.