Get Like-New Floors with Tile Sealing in Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney

It is possible to make old floors look like new again with tile sealing in Brisbane and colour sealing in Melbourne and Sydney. When you don’t want to completely restore the tile and grout in your home, come to GroutPro for options that will refresh the look and feel of your home décor without busting your budget. When you choose to use our popular Colourseal product and services, you are choosing the best and most economical way to liven up your living space.

For example, let’s say you want to switch the grout colour, perhaps to blend with a fresh or trendy décor – we can help you reinvent the look of your existing tile work using the grout you already have. This means that you won’t have to spend money on a full restoration, as we will magically restore the grimy and dated grout back to its original lustre with our Colourseal service.

Also, Colourseal is a wonderful way to provide increased protection from stains and most chemicals that would otherwise harm the colour of the grout. It is easy to apply and will dry to a natural and appealing finish to match whatever style you are trying to achieve. After the application, the GroutPro Colourseal simplifies any future cleaning process and makes maintenance of your tiles and grout a snap.

With our 14-year Colourseal guarantee, you can confidently enjoy many years of the beautifully restored colours of your grout. Our services are designed to give new life and longevity to grout in a timely and economical fashion. Once we have applied the highly durable coating to the grout, you will experience a grout that is now re-coloured and rejuvenated.

Perk Up Tired Grout with Tile Sealing in Adelaide

Is your existing grout so grubby that you just can’t get it cleaned, no matter how much you scrub? Grout can also fade if exposed to excessive foot traffic or sunlight making it impossible to eliminate these colour variations in your grout. We have an answer for you with our remarkable tile sealing services in Melbourne and Sydney. We can also change your grout colour to a darker or lighter shade, or even a new colour altogether. The best part is that you can usually walk on a floor treated with the application within about 30 minutes.

There are many advantages to tile sealing services in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide and the surrounding areas. Using the GroutPro Colourseal locks in the colour of your grout and restore the look of old tiles. Imagine a floor, countertop or bathroom that appears as though it’s been completely redecorated. Also, you’ll get a high return on your investment knowing that your grout is protected from stains and water intrusion. You can enjoy the new grout for years to come and clean it with ease, confident that it will repel water and oil-based liquids, avoid food and dirt stains, and even resist enemies like mildew and bacteria!

Tile Restoration Has Never Been Easier – Tile Sealing in Gold Coast and Melbourne

Some of the services we provide include tile and grout cleaning, grout and tile sealing, repair of damaged tiles and grout, complete re-grouting, silicone seal replacement and slippery floor treatments. Upgrade your home without the high costs using GroutPro’s services. Call us today on 1800 822 459 – our call centre is open 24/7 for your convenience.