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Glass Restore 500ml

Glass Restore 500ml

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GroutPro Glass Restore 500ml  – single bottle

Water Spot Remover – Removes Water Spots, Staining Salt Deposits, Soap Scum
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GroutPro Glass Restore

GroutPro Glass Restore Water Spot Remover effectively restores glass and other hard surfaces.


Always test first according to directions to determine desired results.


For Glass: Apply to a white nylon safety pad. Work in small areas. Buff dry. Repeat if necessary. Clean glass. Apply GroutPro Professional Glass Protector. For Metal and Fibreglass: Apply directly to the surface with a soft cloth. Buff dry. For Heavy Mineral Deposits: Use an orbital buffing machine. Apply white pad cut to size to buffer. Apply product to pad and work in small areas using a side to side, up and down motion. Buff dry. Repeat if necessary. Clean glass and apply GroutPro Glass Protector.


Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, flush with plenty of water for 15 minutes. If swallowed, drink a glass of water and seek medical advice. Do not induce vomiting. May cause skin irritation. Use generally accepted safety precautions while operating polishers or buffing machines. User assumes all responsibilities and risk.


GroutPro Glass Restore removes water staining, soap scum, salt deposits on glass, metal surfaces, ceramic hobs, tiles, porcelain and acrylic shower linings. Also removes light scratches, grease and rust.

Keep out of reach of Children


Statement of Hazardous Nature
This product is classified as: Xi, Irritating. Hazardous according to the criteria of SWA.
Not a Dangerous Good according to Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG) Code, IATA or IMDG/IMSBC criteria.SUSMP Classification: None allocated.
ADG Classification: None allocated. Not a Dangerous Good according to Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG)
Code, IATA or IMDG/IMSBC criteria.
UN Number: None allocated



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