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5 litre

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  • ProSolve 5 litre

    $189.75 Including GST

    ProSolve – a universal blend of phosphoric and sulphamic acid for removal of calcium, lime, rust, efflorescence, grout haze, etc supplied in 5 litre packs.

    Concentrated formula – follow instruction provided to dilute before use.

    Hazardous: Corrosive 8 classification – USE APPROPRIATE PPE.

  • Pro Charged High 5 Litre

    $88.83 Including GST

    Pro Charged High Concentrate – 5 Liter

    Pro Charged High is ideally suited for use on all resilient flooring including concrete floors, ceramic tiles, terracotta and grout lines.

    Mix 10:0 for heavy duty cleaning of hard surfaces.

    Mix 20:1 for general tile cleaning.

  • Pro Charged Low 5 Litre

    $103.24 Including GST

    Pro Charged Low Concentrate – 5 Liter

    Safe acedic cleaner for dirty grout lines and most tiles.

    Mix 10:0 for heavy duty cleaning of hard surfaces.

    Mix 30:1 for general tile cleaning.

  • Prosan Foam Concentrate 5 Litre

    $81.62 Including GST

    Prosan Foam Concentrate – 5 Liter

    Kills Fungus and Mould on contact.

    Mix 4:1 for heavy duty cleaning and treatment of Mould.

    Mix 25:1 for general cleaning – Hospital Grade Disinfectant.

    Also available in 500ml and 15 litre packs.

  • GroutPro Uniseal 5 litres

    $115.39 Including GST

    UNISEAL, Professional Use, High Gloss Topical Sealer
    • Superior gloss sealer that forms a clear film of tough acrylic inside the surface of the treated area • UV Stable • Suitable for Interior & Exterior use • Non-flammable & Low VOC
    • Non Yellowing • Low Toxicity • Suitable for use on terrazzo, slate, terracotta, concrete & most types of porous stone.

    GroutPro UniSeal topical sealer – 5 litre pack

  • Pro Scrub 5 litre

    $96.53 Including GST

    GroutPro Pro Scrub is a mild abrasive cleaner designed to gently scour away soiling & staining from the surface being cleaned. It rapidly attacks soiling & stains. It’s effective on most ceramic, porcelain, enamel & other hard surfaces including chrome & stainless steel. Pro Scrub should not be used on soft metals such as aluminium & other easily scratched surfaces such as acrylic & fibreglass.

  • Pro-Gleam Spray and Wipe 5 Litre

    $69.08 Including GST

    GroutPro Pro-Gleam glass and metals maintenance cleaner – 5 litre plastic jug

    Ideal for supply to commercial users